Monday 4 September 2023

Last of August, First of September

Both in comments on other blogs as well as on my own blog, I have mentioned several times how I find the transition between seasons affecting me most with the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) changes from late summer to early autumn, mainly happening around the end of August and start of September. Last year, I described those days here.

This year, the last four days of August and first three of September saw quite a change in the weather: It was chilly and wet until Thursday, but began to warm up considerably on Friday. The coldest day was no warmer than 16C (60F), while the hottest saw the thermometer reach 27C and beyond (80F).

On Monday (28th of August), my trains back from O.K.'s were on time, and I was able to start work at 9:30. That in turn enabled me to finish work at 5:00 pm; a few minutes later, I was on my way to Benningen. A maximum of seven or eight single rain drops reached me (I am not kidding), and the entire walk felt so good.

I was out walking again after work on Tuesday, chosing an area where I had not been in months. There was rain during the day, and I was wearing/carrying my rain coat for the walk, but never needed it.

Wednesday was an office day (as opposed to working from home), and already a little warmer than the start of the week had been. After a rainy start and another shower during the afternoon, the sun came out later, in time for my Mum, my sister and I to sit outside the pub on the market square for food and drinks and to discuss our outing planned for Saturday.

The last day of August, Thursday, was overcast and relatively chilly again. That did not stop my Mum, her friend R and me to meet at the small palace by the lake for "Wine After Work" (as described here). We were dressed accordingly and were lucky in that the rain clouds decided to move on after having graced us with only a few droplets.

Walking down to Lake Monrepos takes about 45 minutes from my home.

It still looked like rain, but no more than a few droplets reached us.

On the 1st of September (Friday), I worked until early afternoon and then did my usual cleaning, changing of bed sheets and so on. O.K. arrived at around 7:30 pm. We enjoyed our meal of oven-roasted spuds, grilled cheese and salad, combined with a well chilled rosé wine from the same winery where I had been the day before.

The full moon was at its fullest and nearest during Wednesday and Thursday night, but both nights were cloudy and rainy - no chance to see the moon. However, I woke up at around 2:30 am on Thursday morning and found my living room flooded by moon light - and could not look directly at the moon for more than a split second, as it was almost as blindingly bright as the sun.

Friday night, I took this picture of the moon in an array of clouds, as seen from my kitchen window.

Our family outing on Saturday will be my next post.


  1. Your walks sound terrific, Meike, and I can hear in your words how much you enjoy them. It is nice that you see your Mom and your sister so often and I'm glad you have so many fun outings with them. I am lucky that my siblings (2 brothers and 1 sister) all live in the same city that I do and it's so nice to have family close.

    1. Yes, it's nice to have family close by! I learned to appreciate that even more after my husband's sudden death nearly 14 years ago.
      My walks are essential for my physical and mental wellbeing.

  2. The nights are really drawing in here - our street lights came on at 8-15pm last night.

    1. Sunset was precisely at 8:00 pm here last night. I wasn't paying attention at when the street lights came on, but it was definitely dark by 9:00, and I needed the light on in the living room.

  3. September kind of brought a come-back of more summery weather here as well :)

    1. We're having one of the best - if not THE best - weeks of this summer, weather-wise!