Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Where I've been All Weekend

Two posts back, I showed you pictures of the beautiful region "Bregenzerwald" in Austria. You can find some facts about the area in English on Wikipedia. On the list of places listed there for "Upper Bregenz Forest", No. 9 (Au) is the place we were staying at.

O.K. had been there already since Monday, and I joined him on Friday afternoon. While he had the most gorgeous weather with blue skies and temperatures of up to 28 Celsius, it was much cooler with grey skies and some rain (although not as much as it may look like in my pictures) by the time I arrived - as had been forecast. I did not mind, though; we still were out and about during the day, and were just happy to spend time together in such beautiful surroundings.

Here are some impressions for you.

Our hotel (picture taken the next morning - when I arrived Friday afternoon, it had not yet been raining):

Again, these were taken the next morning. It had been raining for most of the night, but by the time we'd finished breakfast, it had stopped. We went out walking until the early afternoon, when we were due to have our pre-booked massages at the hotel spa.

Views from our balcony - compare them with the pictures two posts back! 

The river is called Bregenzer Ach. I liked listening to the water at night before falling asleep.

The "Kanisfluh" (again, see two posts back for a proper view...) is right behind this bank of clouds:

Of course I would have liked it to be still sunny, but actually, this was very atmospheric, and the mountains rising out of the mist or shrouded in clouds had something - you knew they were there.


  1. Hi, Librarian!
    Found myself in your blog from Friko, was attracted by your way of introduction. I wanted to become a librarian after school, but somehow ended up as unibersity professor.
    Austrian landscapes look inspirational. Enjoy your holiday and have double massage tomorrow - for someone at work, will you? :)

    1. Hello Irina, and welcome to my blog!
      The holiday was only a mini break - a long weekend (Friday to Monday) and I've been back home and to work since Tuesday, so no double massage tomorrow, I'm afraid :-)
      Thank you for visiting and commenting!

  2. Places are always more welcoming and enjoyable when the sun shines. If you didn't have a blog, though, I bet you'd hardly have noticed because, as you said, you weren't there for the scenery!

    1. Thanks to O.K., I had the sunshine pictures for comparison, but I already knew not to expect the same weather for the weekend. So I was mentally - and clothes-wise - prepared :-)

  3. I've only been in the Alps once (Germany-Austria by bus in 1990), and luckily we had sunny weather on the one day we went up to "the top" (I don't recall the name of the place just now), but I also remember from another day when we were also rather high up, that it was also rather fascinating with the clouds coming so low...

    1. Mountains are fascinating no matter what weather, it is just not so advisable to climb them when it is like it was during my few days there.