Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Yorkshire Holiday 2016: Harewood House

So... this is going to be the last of this year's Yorkshire Holiday posts, as I have finally arrived at describing our last day there before travelling home. I've told you about our visit to Harewood House already in my "Live Blog" post here, so I am not going to repeat what I wrote there. Instead, I'll now show you the pictures I took that day.

Entrance to the estate:

There was a Rolls Royce Club meeting held on the lawn near the house. I am not a car person, but even I can appreciate the beauty of classic cars such as these:

The house and gardens:

 Great views from the terrace:

 Himalayan garden:

 The lake:

To the walled garden:

 Back by the lake where we met Mr. and Mrs. Swan and their kids:

Below the terrace:

One last stop for the great view, then back past the house:

Although Harewood House is one of the few big houses easily to reach by public transport, we won't be going again for at least some years. It was beautiful, yes, but we were also disappointed (see the post I have linked to at the start of this post), and there are still so many other great places waiting for us in Yorkshire.

As I said, this was our last day before travelling home. I still have some pictures from in and around Ripon which I have not shown you yet, but they will probably turn up on my blog some other time.


  1. Shirley and I visited Harewood House one Sunday morning back in 2008. And guess who we saw in the kitchen garden! See

    1. That was an interesting post (and the one before that one), thank you for the link! 2008 was the year I started my blog... It seems so long ago now.

  2. *Deep sigh* ... such wonderful views ... :)