Monday, 18 October 2021

September Holiday: 23.09.2021 - Part II

It is the middle of the second half of my working day, and here I am using a very late lunch or early coffee break (open to interpretation) to finish my description of September 23.

After we had explored the small but unusual village church of Oberdorf at leisure, we left the village and walked along the connecting, not very busy road into Bad Hindelang. This small town sits comfortably in the middle of the valley and is the administrative centre for several smaller places around, such as Oberjoch (where we were staying).

The prefix "Bad" to a place name in Germany does not mean bad as in the opposite of good, but literally means "Bath" and is used to denote spa towns and cities. More often than not, such towns show signs of a rather glorious and wealthy past, when the high and mighty, the rich and beautiful of the 19th and early 20th century came flocking in looking for rest from their busy city lives. In our days, some of the wealth is still (or again) there, with clinics and spa facilities, hotels and shops often being above average. To us, Bad Hindelang looked a pleasant, if (obviously and naturally) rather touristy place.

The town church and former town hall looked particularly good in the bright autumn sun, set against that incredible cobalt blue sky.

Inside, the church was very well kept.

We did not limit ourselves to looking at houses and churches. We also took the cable car from the bottom of the valley, by the river, up the slope and went for a circuit walk there, with beautiful views. For some reason, I did not take pictures there, but after we were back down, O.K. took this one of me enjoying the obligatory shandy to mark the end of (most) of today's walking.

The feet visible behind me have nothing to do with us - but you can tell how sunny and warm it was!

Our guest card (issued to all tourists who stay at hotels in the area) doubled as a free bus pass, and so we decided to take the bus back to Oberjoch instead of walking home - honestly, climbing all the way UP along the wild beck did not really feel very attractive!

The road up from the bottom of the valley to the higher level where Oberjoch and the other smaller villages are is famous for its many, many tight hairpin and other curves. It was quite the adventure to ride it on a bus! In a later post, you will see pictures of that road.

That evening, I took advantage of us being the first guests in the dining room with no other people present, and took a few pictures.

This was the view across the table I had every morning and evening:

Most of the length of the room was taken up by windows, giving us beautiful views of the opposite mountain and across the village:

O.K.'s view at meals was this: (with varying clothes and drinks, of course!)

Sunset was very beautiful that night, a fitting end for another great day:


  1. Replies
    1. It is, isn't it, and with the bright September sun and blue sky it was just perfect!

  2. I enjoyed seeing the photos of you! You look so happy! Glad you enjoyed your holiday with OK!

    1. Thank you, Ellen - I am glad that I look how I feel on those pictures!

  3. You and OK certainly visit the most perfect places on your holidays. I love all the "scenery" and look forward to seeing many more photos. PS...still really love your hair!

    1. Thank you, Jill - I am really glad I stopped having my hair coloured, and like it much better this way, too.
      Yes, we love our mountain hiking holidays, and it is good to know that you and others who read my blog are not bored by my pictures.

  4. I enjoyed hearing about this part of your holiday and yes, that sky is a beautiful blue! That church has a very large and impressive pipe organ. I can just imagine what it must sound like on Sundays! You look quite relaxed and happy in the picture. That tells me it was a successful holiday!

    1. It definitely was, Bonnie!
      I am sure the organ sounds majestic; on that Thursday early afternoon, we were the only people in the building, and it was very quiet.

  5. A sky like that makes almost anything look picture postcard perfect :)