Tuesday, 19 October 2021

September Holiday: 24.09.2021

Friday, September 24 - Today was going to be a day of superlatives: The most strenuous hike that would take us up the highest of all this holiday.

At 1,876 m above sea level, the "Iseler" is one of the highest peaks around Oberjoch. It is rough, rocky and steep, but the path to the top is safe enough to be suitable for most hikers. Nonetheless, it is exhausting, and I was truly glad when we reached the peak and had a rest in the sun, drinking from our water bottles and drinking in the magnificent views.

Almost there!

Just a little bit more... I can already see the cross at the top.

View from the peak

Bad Hindelang, where we were the day before, is at the bottom of the valley

Down the other side, on Austrian territory

See the path along the rim, top right? We could have walked there and climb down at its end, but decided against it.

An elbow :-)

In Austria

After a long climb down on the Austrian side of the mountain, across pastures (empty, because the cows had already been brought down for the winter), much to my dismay the path went up almost all the way again. Thankfully, there was an Alpe serving food and drinks, popular with hikers. We stopped for a drink there, and rested a little before tackling the last part of the hike, much of which was more or less at the same height maybe halfway up over "our" valley. 

Not very far from the hotel, already much further down, was another small place offering refreshments. A nice, cold shandy was just what we needed, and the shade was really welcome, too.

View from where I was sitting.

Looking up from there to where we'd been, it didn't look all that impressive - but I knew what it was like, and so did my body :-D


  1. 1,876 metres - that's big by UK standards. Ah, but what did you start at?

    1. The village is at 1,200 m, and that's where we started.

  2. What a beautiful blue sky! I'm glad that after that climb, you got rewarded with such lovely views. It makes me remember my only visit to the Alps - 30 years ago and by bus... We were still lucky with the weather and the views on that day though!

    1. Were you alright on the bus, on those curvy Alpine roads? I remember several bus rides as a child to holiday destinations in the mountains (sort of summer camp, without our parents), and my stomach wasn't all that happy with the many sharp bends. Also, I seriously would not want to be a bus driver in that area!

    2. I easily feel queasy in both cars and buses but I got a seat at the front of the bus that whole journey (From Sweden to Germany-Austria, 1990). I don't recall feeling really sick going up in the alps but it was indeed rather scary with those narrow roads and sharp bends. But also amazing views and I'm glad to have the experience/memories. We were five "girls" in our 30s among a gang of pensioners, I'm glad I went on that trip when I did as I'm not very likely to repeat it as actual pensioner. (The main event on the trip was the passion play in Oberammergau, only performed every 10 years.)

    3. The Oberammergau play is famous, and I imagine you remember that as vividly as the rest of the trip. Like you, I have been on trips in the past which most likely I am not going to repeat but treasure their memories.

  3. What a hike, actually it looks more like a climb! Those are gorgeous views and well worth the effort. I imagine you enjoyed that shandy when you reached the bottom!

    1. Every now and then, I relied on my hands as well and not just on my feet to master a particularly steep, rocky bit, especially on the way down.
      Oh yes, we did enjoy our drinks - we always do on those occasions, unless we are being pestered by wasps (which was the case a few times last summer).