Monday 15 May 2023

May Break: Monday

The forecast for Monday, the 8th of May (and actually, for most of the week) was not exactly walk-friendly with plenty of rain and lower temperatures.
And the day was indeed on the wet side - but we wouldn't be avid walkers if we were deterred by a bit of rain, would we!

After breakfast, we went for a walk in what was rarely more than a fine drizzle, sometimes even allowing us to pull back the hoods of our rain coats. It was not cold, but the paths across fields and meadows and in the woods were very muddy, making us return to our clean and dry flat after only about 5 km.

A picture O.K. took on the Sunday and which I forgot to add to that post.

View from our dining table (never used for dining while we were there) on Monday morning.


Bright colours under a grey sky

Still, the walk did us good, and everything looked all the fresher for the rain.

The afternoon was spent largely in the spa, followed by dinner and then a quiet evening in our flat.


  1. Sounds a perfect day to me.

  2. Oh, I'm a big baby when it comes to walking in bad weather. If it's rainy or too hot or too windy or too cold, I'll stay in. My oldest son loves to run and he'll go out in any weather! Lovely photo of the flowering tree by O.K.!

    1. I don't fancy walking in bad weather, either, but a little rain rarely stops me. Strong winds are a different matter; not so long ago, I turned back home after only about half an hour from an after-work walk because the strong, cold wind felt so very unpleasant and actually hurt my face and eyes.

  3. 'In my book' 5 km is a long walk - especially in rain! (Rainy here yesterday, and I settled for just a turn around a couple of the nearest buildings)...

    1. When I am not ill (and thankfully, that is rarely the case) or otherwise impeded, 5 km is well under an hour at my normal walking speed. It often takes me at least half an hour after leaving the house to switch from work mode to whatever mode my mind wants to be in.