Friday 19 May 2023

May Break: Thursday and Friday

Our last full day in Limpach was here - Thursday, the 11th of May. Yesterday's downwards trend for the thermometer continued, and it never got any warmer than 12 Celsius (as opposed to the 22 we'd had only two days earlier). There was also some rain, but we still managed a decent walk, if not overly long at about 7 km.

It is beautiful there, no matter the weather!

A glimpse of Lake Constance

Mowing had begun on some of the wonderful meadows in bloom - we were glad that we'd had the chance to see them in all their glory.

The afternoon was lazily divided between resting and having coffee in our room and a turn in the spa, which was fuller than what we'd seen it like before but still not as crowded as to be really unpleasant.
Dinner was suitably delicious for our last evening here, based on venison from the area.

For the first time in 1 1/2 weeks, we set an alarm for Friday (May 12), since we were required to vacate our flat by 11:00 am and certainly did not want to have to rush through getting up, bathroom, packing and breakfast.

As is often the case when we have something planned, however, we did not need the alarm but woke up on our own well before that.

In front of our door shortly after 10:00 on the morning of our departure

Nothing took particularly long, and we had one last sumptuous, leisurely breakfast in the cosy breakfast area before loading the car and paying our hotel bill.

The drive home was on very busy roads, with traffic occasionally coming to a standstill for a little, but we arrived in Ludwigsburg at around a quarter past 1:00 pm nonetheless.

Unpacking followed, and guess what - Ellen was right when she said in her comment on this post that maybe my washing machine would be working again after my return - it did!!
I was (and still am) very glad about that, and instantly made use of it, hardly trusting my luck. For now, I won't need to buy a new one, but I am aware of the machine's age and that it can be necessary to say good-bye anytime soon.

Shortly after 5:00 pm, O.K. and i walked to the train station. My volunteer group had been invited to the official opening to the second year of making the industrial estate next to the railway tracks accessible to the public (click here for my post about the opening last year), and even though it was windy and a bit nippy, it didn't look like rain. We met another member of the volunteer group and chatted a little, then listened to the opening words of Ludwigsburg's mayor and a few other dignitaries. A look round followed to check out what has changed this year (new food truck - quality test still pending; same bar), but we could not stay long, as we had arranged meeting for a meal at a nearby Indian restaurant with my Mum and my sister.

The food was excellent, as always at that place, but service left a lot to be desired. Not in terms of friendliness, but if you need to remind a waiter of your order of a glass of wine three times, you end up not wanting it anymore. In our case, we simply decided to end the evening at our Mum's place, where we opened a bottle of sparkling wine to toast our reunion after two weeks.

PS: I have just been to the basement to put besheets and towels through the wash. *Groan* - the washing machine shows exactly the same behaviour as on the day I left for my May Break :-(


  1. Oh, I'm glad my washing machine prediction came true! At least it buys you a little time as you decide on a new machine. I am so glad your trip was a grand success! I bet your Mom and sister missed you! :)

    1. The trip was really good, Ellen. But as for my washing machine... read the "PS" :-(

  2. I also had trouble with my washing machine, but thank God no need yet to buy a new one.
    I kind of like the cloudy skies in your pictures!

    1. Cloudy skies can make for great light and therefore more interesting pictures than glaring sunlight under clear blue skies, which tend to make a picture "flat".

  3. Poor service can ruin an otherwise excellent meal or any other event for that matter.

    1. It wasn't the first time we were disappointed with their serivce. If it weren't for their excellent food (and the place being within easy walking distance even for my Mum), we'd have probably given up on them years ago.